Jose Luis

Jose Luis

In Lessons of the Inca Shamans, Part 2, Jose Luis Herrera talks about healing:

Healing, has to do really, you should underline this, healing or the healer needs to be able to ignite, turn on the switches in a person’s body, whether the situation is physical, nonphysical, whatever, and reactivate the memory of their healed state. That is all they need. As human beings, our bodies have memory of our healed state, so it is accessing that healed state and turning on those switches. Making that memory active. That is what healing is about.

Everything in the universe has a healed state. Everything. So the paqo has to access that memory. The paqo has to see, sense how, where the technical state is and bring that into the healing by moving energy using mesa stones — or whatever — to remember and hold that healed state. Once the body recognizes the healed state, aligns itself with it, that is it. The healing is done.

The healed state, it is a degree of awareness, the capacity for seeing and sensing. Not everyone is able to see that because there are guiding principles, their deep mythic construct of realities and so, for those individuals — particularly in this cosmology that we live in — everyone sources from the scarcity…

Healing is [also] a non-personal state, by the way. It could be personal but it’s not. It’s a non-personal state. So in this case, you clearly delineate the frontiers of your clients and your energy, and none of your stuff passes on to your clients. Conversely, your clients’ energy does not pass on to you either. So, a good healer understands what is personal and non-personal. And healing is a non-personal event but it sources from tremendous unconditional love that sets the pace. Love is not directed towards this individual — none of that. Rather, it is an energetic shift and transaction that imbibes the land, imbibes the spirits, imbibes codes of this individual’s memories, [so these memories of a healed state] come up to be seen.

When we connect with good intentions with another person, we have a chance to create a space for him or her to heal. The same can be true for a community. That’s what Jose Luis is telling us here.

You can read more about Andes shamans and get more information about Deborah Bryon’s books on the Lessons of the Inca Shamans website.


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