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Balance in the Soul

Deborah Bryon

Deborah Bryon

Doña Alahandrina, an altomesayoq who is in Deborah Bryon’s Lessons of the Inca Shamans, said:

It is necessary to weave harmony between the Belly, Heart, and Mind. The universe will be more discernible if the Heart and Mind are in a harmonious state — fifty percent matter and Continue reading and add your comment

Is this a new soul?


The puzzling planarian regrows its brain

An interesting look at brains and souls comes from research on a tiny worm called a planarian. If you cut them in half and wait a week or two, you get two planarians identical to the original. Planarians have a head with a couple eyes and a brain with about 8000 neurons. In fact, if you choose the right part you can grow a new worm from 1/279th of the original. (No fair asking me Continue reading and add your comment