Inward Connections

The inward flow of life force depends on four things: the amount of life force in the chakra relative to the maximum amount it can store, inward ability (the ability of the chakra to bring in life force from the outside world”, inward set point (the chakra’s feeling for how much life force it should have), and inward intention (the intention of the chakra to bring in life force).

Inward Ability

There seem to be two aspects to the inward ability of a chakra. The first is the ability of the chakra to accept life force from outside sources. This can change with time. The second is the ability to block life force aimed at the chakra.

We call the first aspect the inward ability to accept life force (IAA). The best case seems to be that we can accept as much life force as possible. There are advantages to being able to accept a lot of life force, so increasing our capacity seems to be the goal. We still have the ability to limit the life force coming in when that is appropriate with the inward set point and inward intention (depending on our ability to block inward life force flow).

The second aspect is the inward ability to block life force (IAB). This measures how well we can limit the life force coming in and stop forces outside us from affecting us. The ability to block inward life force flow is an important part of differentiating ourselves from other people. We describe situations where we are “forced to do something against our will” and when we are “smothered with love.” I suggest that both of these describe a situation where a chakra’s ability to block life force was overwhelmed by the force coming in from the outside.

Inward Set Point

The inward set point is how much life force a chakra wants to bring in. There needs to be a balance between the outward set point and the inward set point so that the life force level in the chakra is maintained somewhere near the internal set point. The inward ability changes slowly over time and the inward set point changes more quickly based on success in day-to-day interactions.

Every chakra needs life force to function. That life force can come from outside or from one of the other chakras. The inward set point is related to the life force coming from outside the soul.

Inward Intention

Inward intention describes the amount of life force we choose to accept at any given instant. It changes as we interact with one person and it changes even more as we pay attention to different people or different tasks. The inward set point is the most important part of setting the inward intention, but the current life force level and the type of life force that is available also have effects on the inward intention. We choose how much we will let the inward flow vary in relation to the set point so that the stored life force is kept at our preferred level. Unlike the outward intention, which we control pretty much by ourselves, the inward intention can’t pull life force out of nothing. If life force isn’t there, we can’t get it, even if we need it badly.

Inward intention changes the fastest of all the inward aspects. It is also an array of values rather than a single value like the inward set point. We have an inward intention toward everything our chakra is connected to, regardless of whether it is physically present or not. It is possible to get life force from far away, if we have the connection. Think of the soldier receiving a care package from home. We know that life force to keep on fighting comes with the physical objects in the package. Good wishes and reminders of connection with a person far away come with the package, too.


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