Outward Connections

The outward flow of life force will depend on four things: the amount of life force available to the chakra, outward ability (the ability of the chakra to send life force into the outside world), outward set point (the chakra’s feeling for how much of this particular kind of life force should be in the outside world), and outward intention (the intention of the chakra to send out life force).

Outward Ability

Outward ability (OA) is made up of two aspects. The first (outward ability to send, OAS) is the maximum amount of life force the chakra is able to send out. The second (outward ability to block, OAB) is the chakra’s ability to stop life force from being taken. Let’s take a look at how these work.

Outward ability to send is the simplest. It doesn’t depend on the situation or the person we are interacting with. It is a basic measure of the maximum ability we have to send life force out through a chakra.

The second aspect of outward ability is the ability to block something outside us from taking life force that we don’t want to give. I think most of us have experienced the type of person who seems to “suck the energy out of us.” It’s a great expression because I think the person really is sucking a particular type of chakra life force out of us.

Outward Set Point

Outward ability is what you can do. The outward set point is what you want to do. There needs to be a balance between the outward set point and the inward set point so that the life force level in the chakra is maintained somewhere near the internal set point. While outward ability is changed slowly over time, the outward set point is changed more quickly based on success in day-to-day interactions.

Some examples may help to explain this. When some people walk into a room, they take it over. Everyone feels the life force and starts to pay attention. The way people take over a group varies a lot. Some come into the room with bubbling joy and instantly everyone feels happy. Bill Cosby comes to mind as someone with this kind of life force. Others come in and people get nervous. (“Oh crap, it’s my mother-in-law/ex-wife/boss !”) They seem to radiate evil intent, especially toward the people in the room and the people in the room react to that. In other situations the person who comes in offers brilliant insights or clever ideas that everyone wants to try to understand. Richard Feynman was like that. So was George Carlin.

Outward Intention

Outward intention describes the amount of life force we choose to give at any given instant. It can change during our interaction with one person and it certainly changes as we focus our attention on different people in the group we are with or different tasks we are performing. The outward intention usually averages out to be our outward set point. Each of us chooses how much we will let the outward flow vary in relation to the set point. Some people vary a lot between situations; others seem to be the same all the time.

Two things related to outward intention are very important. One is that outward intention changes the fastest of all the outward aspects. It’s like the signal on the carrier wave. The second is that it’s an array of values rather than a single value like the outward set point. We have an outward intention toward everything our chakra is connected to, regardless of whether it is physically present or not.


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