Chakra Structure

Each chakra, like the soul, has an internal structure that describes how it operates. Many people have models of the operations of chakras, but most tend to look at the flow between one or more chakras or between the chakras and other parts of the subtle body. There are some interesting ideas there, but I think there are even more interesting ideas to pursue in looking at what goes on inside a particular chakra.

In my model, there are three divisions to the functions that a chakra performs: control of internal life force, life force moving between the chakra and the rest of the world, and life force moving between chakras within a soul. (Life force consists of energy and information. The control of the information component of the life force is where my model is most different from other models of chakras. You can read more about the life force here.)

Each of these divisions is further divided into specific aspects. The table below shows the three divisions and the 14 aspects of chakras that are part of this model.

Chakra Structure
Internal to the Chakra maximum internal, internal set point, internal level, leakage, goal
Outside the Soul inward ability, inward set point, inward intention, outward ability, outward set point, outward intention, external set point
Inside the Soul to other chakras, from other chakras

All of the parts of a chakra are concerned with maintaining a particular life force situation in the chakra. Energy and information (the components of life force) can be stored in a chakra. Life force can come into the chakra from sources outside the soul or from other chakras in the same soul. Life force can go outside the soul or to other chakras inside the soul. How much life force is stored, how and when and where it goes are all determined by aspects of the chakra structure.

This is not a purely mechanical process. There is a strong component of feedback from anything a chakra interacts with. The values for all of the aspects are in a continuous state of flux.

The links below will lead you through the 14 aspects of a chakra.


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