Inside Connections

Chakras are powered not only from the outside, and they don’t send life force only to the outside. Many descriptions of chakras place great emphasis on the movement of life force between chakras. For example, the kundalini energy flows from the chaos chakra to power all of the rest. In many of the models there are elaborate descriptions of the paths that energy can take as it moves around the soul. Information flow may be even more complex. Chakras handle different complexities of information, so information transfer may not occur easily to either a higher or a lower chakra.

The model I want to use simplifies the situation somewhat. While detailed analysis of the energy movement may be useful in many situations, when we are looking at connections between souls it seems sufficient to sum each set of pathways into a single value. In this model we need to keep track of pathways to other chakras and pathways from other chakras. From a chakra’s point of view there will be two sets of values: The first set describes the size of the pathways to each of the other chakras. The second set describes the size of pathways from each of the other chakras. Information is handled differently to account for the translation problems.


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