Internal Chakra Structure

The central job of each chakra is to maintain its life force level of both energy and information. Every chakra has a maximum internal level. This represents the most energy and information the chakra can possibly store. It is not the level at which we normally operate.

Along with the maximum energy level, the chakra has an internal set point. This is where the chakra is most comfortable in the current situation. Different situations have different internal set points and the chakras adjust their preferred level to fit the situation. Information in the form of memories plays a large part in setting the preferred energy level.

The Internal Set Point question in the Measuring Openness topic in the Chakra Survey is a reflection of preferred life force level inside the chakra. Choosing the top item goes along with having an internal set point near the maximum internal level. Choosing the bottom item correlates with having a very low preferred level. The middle answer is, as you might suspect, somewhere in between.

Each chakra has a current internal level. If things are going well, this will be the internal set point. For many reasons the stored life force may be quite different from the preferred level. If it is, the chakra will use its ability to move energy to do the best it can to get to the preferred level.

The information of the chakra is probably there for all time. Every moment, as it interacts with ordinary and non-ordinary reality, the chakra adds to its information. The internal level of information is concerned with what the chakra is actually paying attention to in the current moment.

Given the incredible diversity of the world we live in, we need ways to remember how to interact in each known situation and to figure out how to act in situations we haven’t experienced yet. Experience helps a chakra try to figure out how to handle situations. It’s important to remember that memory selection happens in each chakra, not just the mind.

In any energy system, it’s a good idea to keep track of leakage. I’m using this term to describe energy and information that is lost in ways besides the transfer mechanisms to places inside and outside the soul.

The idea that a chakra has a goal may be a puzzling one. I am not sure whether this belongs in the list of aspects of a chakra. I do believe that chakras can make intended changes where the intention to change can be called a goal. What I don’t know is whether the goal is a separate thing or made up of internal and external interactions of the chakra.


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