Chaos Chakra

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The chaos chakra is our deep connection to everything else in the universe. And what is that everything else? At the current time, I think of this as chaos, a non-ordered mixture of positive and negative energy available for us to tap into and use to create or destroy our realities. All the people who speak of chakras believe that the energy to power the chakras comes up from what they call the root chakra. This is, in fact, a root in the same sense as a tree root, to bring vital nutrients into our souls. And, like the root of a plant, it sorts through what is there to bring the kind of nutrients we need into our systems.

People usually say this chakra is located at the bottom of the spine, but I believe it’s better to say it’s in the universe under our feet, just as the top chakra is located above our heads. (Probably both chakras surround us, but we are more comfortable with the idea of the sky above us holding the light and the earth below us being our place for roots.) Perhaps the chaos chakra is even more like the spirit chakra in that it is a cluster of chakras, some near to our body and some farther away. As with the spirit chakra, we may want to be careful calling it something that belongs to us. The elemental forces are not something mere humans should think they can control.


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