Spirit Chakra

chakra 7

The top chakra (above the head) is the soul’s connection to the spiritual. Perhaps it’s a connection to God. Maybe it is the way people speak with angels. The theosophists talk about the akashic records. Scientists speak of blinding flashes of inspiration, and so do poets. Musicians hear the music of the spheres through this chakra. Those who connect with the Light are probably accessing it through this chakra.

All of these experiences are what I call spiritual. I see the times we reach into this chakra and access information from it as a difficult to reach understanding of how a small part of the universe functions. We are not capable of understanding with our minds all the information that is available up to the spirit chakra.

The Brahman traditions place great emphasis on this chakra. Perhaps it is related to their emphasis on castes. The highest caste (which is what the leaders of the traditions believe everyone wants to be) is associated with spiritual and intellectual matters. What I get from that is that they believe the “higher” chakras are more important than the lower. It looks to me like they would, if possible, choose to live in the higher chakras while discarding any connection with the lower chakras.

There are Western traditions that have similar beliefs: Christians, for example, often suggest that the ideal is to be one with God, while giving up all earthly desires. Other traditions. even when they choose a more balanced approach to the aspects of the soul, seem to understand the importance of honoring the spiritual.


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