Not All Chi Demonstrations Are Real

While I really like demonstrations of Chi, some need to be looked at critically. Here’s one where it looks like you can use Chi to prevent a power drill from making a hole in your skull (belly and neck, too).

So what’s my take on this? Check what is said at 4:20 about how the pressure being applied will be measured. There is a pressure strip on the handle of the drill. Now imagine pulling really hard on the handle to force the drill into your body. But wait, there are two handles. Push as hard on the second handle to keep the drill out. The pressure they are measuring looks high, but the pressure on the drill bit where it touched the body in almost nothing.

If they did this experiment with only one hand on the drill pulling it into the body with the pressure measured, I’d be impressed. As it stands, it’s almost certainly just a clever trick.

Two points need to be made.
1. Some people will use anything in soul or physical reality to increase their fame, fortune, and power.
2. Fake examples do not disprove the underlying concept. They only discredit the faker.


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