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Rupert Sheldrake’s reception in the scientific community

Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake

In two words, the reception has been: not good. As you can see from the dissertation by Phillip Stevens, Sheldrake has been criticized ever since he proposed the idea of morphic resonance and formative causation. Continue reading and add your comment

Is this a new soul?


The puzzling planarian regrows its brain

An interesting look at brains and souls comes from research on a tiny worm called a planarian. If you cut them in half and wait a week or two, you get two planarians identical to the original. Planarians have a head with a couple eyes and a brain with about 8000 neurons. In fact, if you choose the right part you can grow a new worm from 1/279th of the original. (No fair asking me Continue reading and add your comment