Life Force

Life force is a fifth fundamental force that is responsible for interactions between souls. It also is known as chi, ki, prana, morphic resonance, and many other names.

In the physical world there are four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear. The life force I am proposing is also a force, but it is different from these, and its interactions with the physical world raise some very exciting questions. Why do we need a life force? Because things happen that can’t be explained by any of the currently accepted forces.

Life force opens up a wide range of possibilities. We need to understand that the life force transfers both life energy and information.

Life energy is part of how the life force affects objects it acts on. Life energy is interesting because it can be included in the energy total when we are adding up all the energy in a system. There are observations that can’t be explained without adding energy that follows a non-physical path.

Information transfer is the second aspect of life force. Information is not vital to studying the four physical forces until you get to the realm of quantum mechanics. When it comes to life, communication between souls is something that is of the utmost importance. In fact, it is the transfer of information in ways the the physical forces can’t explain that provides some of the strongest evidence that we need to study life force in addition to the four physical forces.

Life force can be either positive or negative. Chakras try to add life energy and information that is the same as their internal set point and reject life energy that has the opposite valence. Stated in more commonly used terms, good seeks good and evil seeks to be more evil.


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