Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui who began the discipline of Reiki

I want to share an article about self-healing with Reiki by Rameshwar Gupta. Here are the links: part 1, part 2.

For those who don’t know, Reiki is a form of healing through positive energy transfer from a practitioner to a client. It can also be done in a self-healing way by calling on the life force of the universe. The discussion in the article will help you understand how Reiki can be used to heal yourself.

One of these days I’ll put up an article on my views of Reiki. This Reiki article is close to my views, where the author speaks of divine consciousness and ki. I agree that there is information in life force, which is probably what he means by consciousness. The word ki usually refers to energy, so that idea is there, too.

One disagreement I have is that the life force can only be used to heal. With right intent, I believe this to be true. I know of no guarantee that someone using this kind of life force must have good intentions. It can be used for evil, too. I wish that were not so, but I also know that the good intentions of others can work against evil intentions. Rameshwar Gupta’s article is one of the efforts on the side of healing and good intentions.


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