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Jose Luis

Jose Luis

In Lessons of the Inca Shamans, Part 2, Jose Luis Herrera talks about healing:

Healing, has to do really, you should underline this, healing or the healer needs to be able to ignite, turn on the switches in a person’s body, whether the situation is physical, nonphysical, whatever, and reactivate the memory of their healed state. Continue reading and add your comment


Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui who began the discipline of Reiki

I want to share an article about self-healing with Reiki by Rameshwar Gupta. Here are the links: part 1, part 2.

For those who don’t know, Reiki is a form of healing through positive energy transfer from a practitioner to a client. It can also be done in a self-healing way by calling on the life force Continue reading and add your comment

The roto-rooter for the soul

Jose Luis

Jose Luis

This is from Lessons of the Inca Shamans Part 2: Beyond the Veil, coming out in early 2014.

The medicine people from Bolivia look at the body of a person like a hydraulic system. They believe that you just need to move energy. They find the places where the river of light is backed up, where there is nothing flowing. They go at it with a big roto-rooter Continue reading and add your comment