Outside Connections

Energy and information can go outside the soul and come from outside the soul. The inward ability is the maximum amount of energy and information the soul can take in during a particular length of time. Most of the time the maximum amount is not being brought into the soul.

The preferred amount in the current situation is the inward set point. The chakra, based on its current life force level and amount of life force expenditure, would like to receive this amount of energy and information.

How it receives the life force can be very complicated. There are lots of sources of life force in the world. The chakra wants to receive a certain amount of energy and information from each of them. I call this set of values the inward intention.

One way to picture this with particular chakras is to look at the Inward Set Point question in the Chakra Survey. Choosing the first response means that the inward set point is very high. The chakra will try to gain energy and/or information at near the inward ability. The bottom response means that the chakra does not want any external life force. Little or no energy or information will be coming in, if the chakra chooses what happens. The middle response is in between.

The inward set point is also an important measure of your satisfaction with yourself. When you combine it with your internal set point, it predicts whether you can be successful. For example, if you are wishing for a lot more love in your life, the internal set point will be very high. If your inward ability and your inward set point for love are high, you have a chance to find someone who can give you the love you are looking for. On the other hand, if your inward ability or your inward set point is low, it doesn’t matter how much love is coming your way. You will never be able to receive it and will always feel dissatisfied about this kind of interaction with others.

We can consider the outward flow as a mirror image to the inward flow. Life force flowing out of the soul can go to the many possible places in the world. There is a maximum amount of energy and information called the outward ability.

The preferred total outward flow is the outward set point. This is related to the Outward Set Point question in the Chakra Survey. The top answer corresponds to a very high outward set point. The bottom answer is a very low outward set point.

People have general tendencies related to each of the chakras. They may think of themselves as very smart or very loving or very powerful. Or the may think of themselves as the opposite of those characteristics. (Or anywhere in between.) This is another example of the outward set point. In most of their interactions this will be how they conduct themselves, but there are often particular relationships that bring out the other side of the person’s way of being. A person who loves almost everybody may have one or two people that he or she hates. The set point is the normal way a person interacts with others.

Each of the things in the outside world can be sent a certain amount of energy and information. The proportion of the life force for each target is described by the outward intention. The differences are part of the set of intentions related to particular types of connections.

In addition to all of this, there is a preferred life force level in the outside world (external set point). The soul will do what it can to maintain the level in the outside world at the preferred energy and information level.

In any particular situation you might think there is too much of this chakra’s life force in the outer world, too little, or just about the right amount. The statements about the external set point in the Chakra Survey look at this attitude. The top statement means that the person wants to have a lot more of the energy and/or information associated with the chakra in the external world. The bottom statement means the chakra will try to create a situation where there is a lot less life force in the outside world.


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