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Parable of the mule driver

mules in Ecuador

Mules in Ecuador. It’s unknown whether they were part of the herd in the story.

The Apu Chupicuaro told this story:

A mule driver and his assistant had a large group of mules they were driving. They arrived late in the day and set up camp. The animals were feeding, and the boss called to the assistant, “Night is coming, rope up all the mules so they don’t run away in the night.” Therefore, the assistant went around pounding stakes into the ground, tying each animal to a stake. When he reached the thirtieth animal, there were no more ropes or stakes to be found. “What do we do?” asked the assistant. Continue reading and add your comment

Creating Room for Imagination

David Spangler

David Spangler

One of my purposes in writing Calculating Soul Connections was to change the way we view ourselves. Most of the world currently lives in a scientific and mechanistic reality. Even if many benefits of science are not available in a particular culture (as in the African jungle, rural India, etc.), most of the people of the world know what is possible. Most wish they had what modern industry produces.

What is lost in the mechanistic world are connections between people Continue reading and add your comment