Will Chakra

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The will chakra is concerned with power. When we seek to dominate another entity, this is where the power comes from. Some believe that when we try to dominate anything in ordinary or non-ordinary reality, we need power from this chakra. In contrast with the heart chakra, which is involved in our cooperative connection with another entity, this chakra is concerned with causing another entity to do what we want, with or without affiliation. When Jacob wrestled with the angel, I have to believe the power came from here. Those who have encountered a Sasquatch, universally describe having to struggle with an intense fear. Whatever Sasquatch is, we can be certain that its will chakra is very powerful. Daimonic Reality cover

The power from this chakra does not have to be negative in the sense that we are willing another entity to do something harmful. The will chakra is also involved in, for example, health care situations where energy is provided through the will chakra of the health care provider so that the patient will have enough will to get better. It is also the source of parental energy in a parent-child relationship that convinces the child to pay attention to what the parent says. Many traditions consider this chakra to be the center from which all of our power is expressed. Where this power comes from is different in different traditions. When chakras are considered, the chaos chakra is usually named as the source of power. Other traditions, such as the Chinese Qigong, think that this chakra takes sexual energy and converts it into chi that can be used by the rest of the body. Martial artists usually think of this center as the most important for making powerful techniques. The sorcerer’s tradition, as described by Castaneda, says that the belly is where the greatest power comes from when the sorcerer is working to affect ordinary or non-ordinary reality.


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